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Covid-19 Update

Updated November 5, 2020

*These Rules supersede and replace in their entirety all previous Rules or Polices of

the Board regarding this subject.

Persons using the Common Elements during the COVID-19 pandemic do so at their own risk.

The Association is not in a position to ensure the physical safety of every Person nor prevent every opportunity for transmission of the virus.

Persons who have underlying health conditions, are otherwise at risk, or wish to exercise extra caution to prevent COVID-19 infection, should refrain from using Common Elements to the extent possible.

All posted signs on the Condominium Property shall have the force of these Rules and shall be deemed incorporated into the Rules.

No indoor social events shall be hosted by the Association or otherwise permitted pending further action of the Board.

The Clubhouse shall only be entered for the purpose of using the ice machine or access to the Fitness Center.

Persons using the ice machine must use masks and wipe down all surfaces of the ice machine that are touched or normally touched by human hands, both before and after use of the ice machine.

Persons accessing the Fitness Center must wear masks while entering through the Clubhouse, and while in the Fitness Center, unless exercising.

No more than three (3) Persons are allowed in the Fitness Center at any one time. Social distancing must be practiced. All exercise equipment shall be wiped down before and after use.

Social distancing shall be required when using the swimming pool, pool deck, hot tubs, or swimming pool restrooms.

The use of masks is encouraged when not swimming.

Persons using the tennis/pickleball courts shall practice social distancing.

No Persons shall be inside the tennis/pickleball courts except when playing.

Masks shall be worn in the buildings “door to door.”

This means that a mask must be worn prior to entering a Condominium Building and worn in all Common Areas, hallways, stairways, lobbies, etc., until the entrant has closed the door to the Unit behind himself/herself.

Persons are requested not to “stop by” the Condominium Office and should make routine requests of Management via e-mail.

Persons wishing to come to the Office should call in advance, must wear masks when in the area, and practice social distancing.

All Persons on the Condominium Property shall follow all CDC and other applicable guidelines.

This Rule applies to all Persons on the Condominium Property. Without limitation, this includes Unit Owners, their Families, Tenants, Guests, and Invitees, including but not limited to, Contractors and Vendors.

These Rules shall be in effect immediately and until further amended by the Board of Directors.

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