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Board Briefing | 3.30.23

Master Plan Oversight committee met today to get everyone on the same page of the planning process. W. J. Johnson submitted some preliminary plans for the property entrance drive and the perimeter wall. Two options were presented as concepts only. Cliff will be meeting with W. J. Johnson on Tuesday to discuss proposals. I will have John George give us an update in a future blog.

Cliff has designated the office in the A building lobby as the “war room” where plans will be placed on the walls. Should be up operational by Tuesday. The room will be open to all owners and there will be clip boards to voice your concerns or questions.

Jim is on medical leave for the next several weeks with a knee replacement.

Southern Chute repaired the trash chute doors and main chute safety switch in both buildings. The handle for 3rd floor chute door was overlooked and will be replaced. Trash chutes are now operational.

Property Medic repaired cracked pipe in the 03 stack. The buildings were under a lot of stress during the hurricane, and we can expect more problems like this in the future. Report any issues directly to Andrea.

Starting Thursday Evening at 8 pm both Buildings will be locked. A key will be needed to get into the buildings, this key is the same key that we've used in the past for the front door, back door, side doors, Publix and beach gates. If you don't have one, please stop down to the Management Office and we will provide you with one. The doors will be left unlocked from 8am to 8pm. We will be placing a lockbox on both of the ramp doors with a code of 1234# to access an emergency key. Please remember to put it back.

The security service patrolling the property will end on Friday night.

Questions I have received:

Q. Why can’t OH Portal post items timelier?

A. Two reasons: 1) Volunteers have a limited amount of time to keep things current. 2) We are on our third web designer. Our last designer was not doing his job in a timely manner. We have hired a new web designer who is very responsive. We are also training Brenna to do the postings but that is going to take a little time to accomplish.

Q. What are the hours for our staff.

A. Staff hours: Maintenance 7:00 to 3:30; Office 8 to 4.

Q. Can you post a list of the window companies people here have been working with?

A. These three companies were approved to replace windows and doors at Ocean Harbor.

· SafeZone 239.280.2991

· Gulf Coast 239.454.7780

· Guardian Hurricane 239.880.7003

Q. Why would separate entrances be considered for a complex our size. From what I recall there was never a bottleneck?

A. We discovered that if a quest checked in with the virtual guard, no other cars could enter the property until the first car was cleared to enter. If a quest or vendor arrived unannounced, it took several minutes for the guard to contact the owner, and thus the delay. You probably have noticed that most gated communities have two entrances. One for the owners and the other for guests.

Q. The committees and flow charts appear to be creating confusion and delaying the process. The professionals to assist in the pool remediation should have been hired months ago and an attempt made to have construction started by now.

A. The committee/action team process is needed so everyone can have a say in the process. Damage assessments, technical planning, code restrictions, permits, equipment availability all take time to be done properly.

Q. Have we (WJ Johnson) considered using an elevated deck over the main retention pond for relocating our sports courts? Maybe not ideal but it could free up needed space near the pool for future additions to the pool, pool house, and/or pool deck?

A. Yes, that idea was passed along to W J Johnson.

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