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Board Briefing | 4.9.23

It has been 10 days since the last blog entry so I’m already behind with trying to make an entry at least once a week. My excuse is I am no longer on the property and am back home in Illinois. The board is going to try to have a board member on the property during the off season and I will be returning when more board members head North.

W. J. Johnson has submitted concept drawings for the front entrance drive and North wall. Cliff and several committee members met with W. J. Johnson last Tuesday to discuss these and other plans. For those of you on the property, check out the concept drawings in the war room located in the office room in the A Building. Need to see if there is an easy way to post those plans on the portal.

A board meeting with full owner participation has been set for April 28, 2023, at 9:30 am to discuss and approve the 2023 budget. This will be a zoom meeting and Andrea will send you a link prior to the meeting. We were unable to arrange the meeting required to approve the special assessment at the same time, but this meeting will be announced shortly.

Mike Englebert and I met with the attorney last Friday to discuss the status of our insurance claim. Sanjay has been in contact with MMA to obtain access to all files that they had about claims in process. He also has been in contact with our adjusters for wind and flood insurance. They indicated to him that our claims were in process, and they told Sanjay that they expected reports to be available to us by the end of next week.

There have been two liens filed against Ocean Harbor. The first is a 6-million-dollar lien filed by ARS for their work done in the clean up process. The attorney tells us this is standard practice and ARS has also filed nine other liens to other condo properties where ARS has done work in Lee County after the hurricane. The second lien is for just under one million dollars filed by an ARS subcontractor. The attorney will be objecting to this lien as it is the sole responsibility of ARS.

Committee and volunteers are working on the lobby doors and the front gates with both temporary and permanent solutions. These repairs are complicated with multiple vendors, but we are working on solutions as quickly as possible.

Lighting of the south wall, repair of the bridge to Publix, new lighting in the lobby area, and a general cleanup have all been accomplished recently by volunteers. Thanks for your efforts and saving us some money.

Please note that we currently have an open parking policy as long as the rightful owner is not here using that particular spot. There have been numerous complaints of parking in spots when the owners of those parking spots are on the property.

The lobby committee has presented a proposal to the steering committee for repairs and updating of the lobby. Owners will see more details as to what has been proposed when their recommendations are sent to the board for discussion and approval.

There was an incident in the B building 04 stack when an owner’s bathtub overflowed and damaged several units below. Please be careful. The hurricane produced enough stress on us all that any self-inflicted damage is not appreciated. There have also been several drainage plumbing leaks in the A building. Please keep a watchful eye open for any signs of water damage. If you are not in your unit, notify your condo watch vendor of this concern.

The generator has been inspected for damage and it is believed that the diesel motor is repairable, but a specialized firm needs to inspect the electronics of the system.

Ron Morgan has been working on an Emergency Preparedness and Recovery plan based on our experience with hurricane Ian. The objectives of the plan are:

• Develop a comprehensive preparedness plan that will limit the damage caused by future storms to Ocean Harbor property and condo units.

• Develop a recovery plan that will get Ocean Harbor back to its pre-storm condition (or better) and get owners back into the condos in the quickest time possible while minimizing cost.

• Owners to be kept informed during both the preparedness and recovery process by having a defined communication plan.

The plan is just a first draft at this point and owners will have to opportunity to comment on the plan in the near future.

There have been no questions posted on the blog to be answered this week.

Ed Boerman, President, OH Condo Association

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