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Board Briefing | 5.18.23

Updated: May 19

In order to keep you informed about our latest, and ongoing, efforts to get our property functioning and more beautiful than ever, I would like to share the following information:

The special assessment of $25,000 is due on June 1, and we would really appreciate payment in full. However, because we cannot charge a penalty if you make two payments, you may make one payment of $12,500 on June 1, and one payment of $12,500 on September 1

As you know, the board approved the 2023 budget which increased the dollar amount on our quarterly assessments. The current/new amount is $ 3935.12. This increase is effective for all of 2023, therefore more money is now owed for 2023. That dollar amount is$ 2677.78. This outstanding balance is currently due July 1st, but the payment can be extended if requested in advance.

Altieri has inspected all units. Young and Associates did an earlier inspection of the windows and doors, but Altieri is concerned their report grossly underestimates the damage. We have also signed an agreement with GCI to inspect, do water testing, and assist Altieri in the claim with our insurance company.

We have negotiated a contract with Safe Zone for $215,423 to replace 39 common area doors. These doors were either damaged by the storm, or just worn out. The doors include the stairway doors, owner storage entrance doors, trash rooms, lobby exit doors, and roof doors.

A contract with Power Plus in the amount of $42,228 has been presented to the board. They will repair the generator and diesel motor which provided emergency power for lighting, elevators and fire equipment.

The long-range steering committee has recommended to the board that we approve the W. J. Johnson plan for the front gate and entrance. A few individuals have asked to see the supporting documentation on rules applicable to the changes and that is attached to this blog.

Other contracts that are pending board approval are the seawall replacement, roof and gutter repairs, strapping of the A/C units on the roof, and A/C replacements in the storage areas.

Just a quick reminder to all that if you are considering structural work in your condo like windows and doors, all work must be submitted and approved by the Architectural Committee.

Please know we are continuing to work diligently to keep our restoration projects moving steadily forward.

Ed Boerman


Roadway Gates
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FFPC - NFPA 1 - Chapter 18
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2022 Traffic Count Spreadsheet
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FDOT code
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