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Board Briefing | 5.8.23

Updated: May 11, 2023

W J Johnson will be making a presentation to the owners on Wednesday May 10 at 8 am eastern time. Andrea will send out a zoom notification if you haven’t already received it. The best way to ask questions is to submit them prior to the meeting. Send these directly to Andrea and all questions will be answered in the meeting. This meeting is informational only and no board business will be conducted at this meeting.

The current site development plans have been posted on the owner’s portal at The sport court area is not yet being designed; however, that element hopefully, will be authorized shortly. The pool improvements construction documents are being reviewed and will be going to the bidders this week. The North wall replacement has been reviewed and will also be going to the bidders this week. Further updates will be provided after the bids are received and reviewed. Remember the features shown on the remaining areas of the property represent the initial ideas presented to the design team and will be refined based on input from owners, team members and suggestions by the design professionals.

Altieri Insurance Consultants has been very busy with our insurance claims. The first claim report they put together from our initial claim review and onsite inspection is called a Rough Order of Magnitude (ROM) report. The ROM is attached to this blog and summarizes a high-level valuation of the claim with information currently available. The reason why Altieri prioritized the ROM for your claim is to “reset” the insurers expectations so they can understand the Altieri approach and begin to open the lines of communication necessary to jointly adjust a claim of this size.

This week, Altieri will have a team of adjusters and building consultants onsite completing our unit-by-unit inspections. This inspection will primarily focus on fenestrations (windows and doors), balcony lanai’s, screens, railings, exterior cladding, and other scope items that require access to unit interiors. We anticipate this inspection lasting from Monday – Thursday and Andrea has been kind enough to provide owners advance notice.

Ocean Harbor - ROM 5.5.23
Download PDF • 11.88MB

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reviewed the budget meeting minutes/zoom meeting and did not find any reference or vote regarding the HOA fee increase being retroactive to January. Please advise Ray Bonito

Me gusta

See no reason to have two exit lanes.

Kay Fogelson

Me gusta
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