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Board Briefings | 3.28.23

Lee County Tax Relief

If your home has been “uninhabitable” for more than 30 days due to Hurricane Ian, you are entitled to a partial refund from the Lee County Property Appraiser. This is your real estate tax that was paid in 2022. The DEADLINE to file for this this reimbursement is APRIL 3 !!!

GO TO LEEPA.ORG. Once on their site, there is a link at the top of the page that says, “Property Tax Relief/Refund Information”. The line below that has a link that says, “click here (in blue) to report damage and/or apply for a prorated refund of property taxes for residential dwellings rendered uninhabitable by hurricane Ian.”

Andrea provided us all with a letter from the Ocean Harbor board/FSR attesting to the fact that our property was uninhabitable. If you no longer have this e-mail, I’m sure Andrea can supply the letter for you. You will need to send this in with your request.

Unihabitable-Letter to Unit Owners
Download PDF • 244KB

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