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Board Update | 9.10.23

Updated: Sep 13, 2023

Since our property manager has stated at Ocean Harbor, the board receives a bi-weekly report on the activities at the property. Below is the 9/8 report for your inspection.

Bi-Weekly Management Report 9/8/2023 Building/Property Maintenance 1. Completed capping of old walkway light fixtures. 2. Temporary parking lot lights have been retrofitted with amber bulbs per FMB.

3. Florida Structural Group has removed concrete/metal debris from property. 4. Seawall project is progressing well. Concrete pouring to begin week of 9/11.

5. Karras Landscaping completed land scaping cleanup of property. 6. Unused diesel fuel near maintenance building has been removed. In the process of getting unused barrels of paint removed as well. This has been challenging as many cleanup companies will not remove them due to the state of the barrels and the fact that it is liquid waste. I have leads with several companies who I am just waiting on a response from. 7. All Florida Pest Control was on premises9/6 to change out rodent traps around property and to do pest control in B building. A building is scheduled to be done in October. 8. Received notice from National Rent-A-Fence. Temporary fence rental expires on 9/21.Haveauthorized extension of that rental for another 6 months. 9. Karras submitted a proposal to remove all dead treesfrom property for$12,550. Expert Lawn Care submitted proposal for $6,500. Still waiting on estimate from Brightview Landscaping. Palm tree near tennis courts has fallen down; Manny unable to remove as the tree is too big. Will add this removal to proposals for other dead tree removal. Housekeeping Received 2 proposals for janitorial services;  Green & Clean – For 3 days per week service,$1,499.31permonth.For 5 days per week service,$2,497.95 per month. Each optionwould encompass 20 hoursof service per week.  Shimmering Image Cleaning - $2,200 per monthfor20 hours per week. Amount of days per week can be adjusted to whatever the Association would like.20 hours per week will be the amount of service to be received no matter what.  Still waiting on a proposal from Chrystal Cleaning Services. By outsourcing housekeeping services to a janitorial company, the Association would saveroughly$942 per month. Once clubhouse and pool area have been re-opened for use, Association can re-evaluate this again to see if it would be more cost effective to hire an in-house, fulltime housekeeper again.

Administrative/Management Comments I have been working with Board and Committee members to assist in the various restoration projects the Association has going on. CBT Builders has been gathering property information to provide proposals for Window Repairs/Replacement, building painting, clubhouse renovations, and budgetary numbers for he front gate restoration.

George Tibedo of Geoworld Engineering has been provided with insurance inspection reports and building information to put together a structural engineering report. This report will be used in the project specifications and permitting of the various restoration projects that are pending.

Management has sent out email to the residents about Connect work order system so that residents can electronically submit work orders to management for property related issues. This will serve to streamline maintenance work orders so that they can be more organized, directed to the proper personnel, and completed timely.

Special Members Meeting vote has gone out to residents. Management office has been receiving physical proxy forms and online votes through Becker Ballot consistently. Vote to be held on 9/14 at 10am.

Financial Important Information

 Second half of Special Assessment payments were due on 9/1.Payments have been coming in consistently. Regular quarterly assessments are due on10/1.

 July financial statements have been published and are available via the Connect portal.

 Manager has begun gathering budget numbers for 2024 Operating Budget.

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