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Board Update | 9.4.23

Updated: Sep 13

The board is closer to resolving several situations in the next week. Altieri has approved the repairs on the clubhouse and maintenance building roofs. Crawfords’ estimate for the work is in hand and we are waiting for two additional proposals. The board will then approve a contract for clubhouse and maintenance building roof repairs.

The board has also received approval from Altieri to start repairs and replacement of missing windows and doors in the tower!!! A proposal is in hand from Safe Zone, the contractor we last used to do window replacements. Two additional proposals are expected this week. Lead time for receiving the windows will be a major factor in determining our window vendor. The board will approve a contractor to replace missing windows as soon as all bids are received.

The repair of other existing windows is still unresolved with the insurance carrier. It is hoped that resolution of this issue can be approved by the insurance carrier in time to add window repairs to any contract that is signed.

A board meeting has been set for this Thursday to answer any owners’ questions regarding the voting. Please submit any questions you have to Mike LoVerde, .

Altieri will be submitting an extensive claim package this week to the insurance carrier. Several productive meetings and discussions have recently taken place with carrier personnel, and it is believed the claim package will be strongly considered by the carrier. The board has reviewed the claim package and is very optimistic for favorable results. Altieri has provided the following information to be given to the owners. Unfortunately, detailed information cannot be provided as it would only diminish our negotiating position with the insurance company. I hope MOST everyone will understand the sensitivity of the situation and appreciate the information we can share with you.

A summary of that claim package is as follows:


Tower A & B

Currently the carrier has allowed for minimal patches to the low-slope (Flat) roof system, and for just painting scratches and impacts on the metal sloped roofs. Their allowance for each of the two towers to date is $5,468.06. Our team recommended utilizing a roofing expert who is in the process of preparing his report, as well as, working behind the scenes with the carrier’s roofing engineer to reach an agreed scope of reasonable repairs and replacement of damaged components. At this time, it does not appear that a full replacement of either the low-slope or metal roof systems will be necessary; however, we are still closely working with our roof expert and utilizing our relationships with the carrier personnel to reach an acceptable damage scope position which we anticipate being much greater than the original allowance from the carrier discussed above.


The initial estimate from the carrier stated there was no damage to the Clubhouse roof. During our on-site meeting with the carrier adjustment team, we were able to persuade them to extend coverage for this roof and to agree to your contractor’s (Crowther Roofing) pricing. This resulted in an additional payment of $142,450.00. Because the carrier has allowed coverage for the roof, we can now pursue the additional $43,171.20 that the carrier originally classified as “Wind Driven Rain” inside the clubhouse that was not paid as it was over the sublimit for this coverage.

Mechanical Pump Building

The initial estimate from the insurance carrier only allowed for a repair of $5,998.35. We have since been able to change the carrier’s position to replace the roof based on your contractor’s (Crowther Roofing) pricing of $38,590.00.

Exterior Painting:

The carrier allowed to paint both towers in their initial estimate. However, the scope and pricing were prepared by the carrier’s building consultant and do not appear to reflect current market pricing. Our team has secured a proposal from a well-known contractor in this industry which provides more accurate market pricing. Based on the contractor’s pricing, it appears the carrier’s initial allowance under values the exterior paint by approximately 50% of our claimed valuation.

Windows and Doors:

Tower A & B

Currently the carrier has allowed for approximately $205,000.00 for the windows and sliders they feel should be repaired or replaced in Towers A & B due to Hurricane Ian related damages. This scope includes limited to replacement of 23 assemblies and repair of 45 assemblies. The 68 assemblies they allow repair or replacement consideration for represent approximately 6% of the total number of assemblies in Tower A and B. The board wisely retained the services of industry subject matter expert, GCI Consultants, who inspected all accessible assemblies and performed field water testing. Within the findings of their report, GCI recommends over 100 assemblies for replacement and recommends some form of repair to every other assembly not being replaced. Along with their report and water testing conclusions, GCI provided detailed repair protocols for the different type assemblies not being recommended for replacement. Their documentation will be essential in the adjustment of this portion of the loss due to the large difference in scope and the potential dollar amount that could be at play.

Interior Restoration:

The carrier is currently in review of the incurred costs related to the interior restoration as invoiced by ARS. Our team has reviewed the charges with carrier personnel and await their coverage and pricing analysis.

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