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Board Briefings | 3.22.23

Sorry for the quality of the Zoom broadcast at Monday’s meeting. We knew the lobby was not an ideal location for having our meeting but knew the tennis courts were not going to work with the wind and cold weather. It was felt that an in-person meeting was needed. In that regard, the meeting was a success…not so much for Zoom. Let me review the questions that were asked at the meeting:

Have we received the report regarding the windows and will the owners receive a copy?

OH has not received a copy yet. The report was commissioned by the insurance company, and it will go to them first. Don’t know how long before we get it.

Is there a way to change the shape of the pool and make it bigger?

There are two concerns if we do that: 1) It’s very expensive to put in a new pool. How much? We’ll have to ask. 2) WJ Johnson is saying the lead time to put in a new pool could be a year or more. We are hoping to fix what we have before next season. The pool is a priority for W J Johnson to address and their suggestions will be forward to the owners.

Isn’t security and a fence more important than the pool?

We are considering both projects as equally important.

Is there a way to have a Facebook group where the board is in control?

Yes, there is a way, but we are concentrating our efforts into the new blog. Additionally, the reason we are going to blog vs. Facebook is because FB is not under our control AND when you want to go back to find a post you just saw, it is off in Never-Never land. We will review the results after a couple of months to see if we are successful.

Are we going to vote on improvements, such as the Tiki bar, pool, etc.? How will that affect the timeline if we do vote?

Votes will be needed for any expense over $25,000 that is neither a repair or a replacement. Hopefully we will have enough lead time on a major project to get approval so it does not delay the project.

Does OH have a master key for the mailboxes?

No, we do not. The post office lost all keys in the surge for the whole island. Post office is waiting for permission from the Tampa Regional office to start mail delivery to the island.

Can we do special assessments on a non-recurring fees rather than raising quarterly fees? Finance Committee is looking into that suggestion.

When are we going to clean storage areas so it can be used?

This item is not a priority currently. Storage area needs new doors and locks.

A/C may be an issue in some units.

Can we keep the April 1st payment the same since some people have paid?

Finance will be looking into the payment schedule and consider the input from the meeting.

What about the $25,000 assessment?

The board will be deciding on the special assessment at a board meeting soon.

Owners will be notified of the details and meeting time.

Do we owe $1400 for the first 1st and 2nd quarters since the dues have been raised? Approval of the dues increase, and the budget has not been passed yet. As with the special assessment, a special board meeting will be needed to approve. Still working on the specific details.

Are we staying with the same insurance company?

Yes. Only one insurance company quoted our new policy. By law the insurance company must renew a policy if there is an open claim in the previous year.

Are we going to wait to receive money from the insurance company before

we pay them anything?

It doesn’t work that way. I wish it did. They want their money now and it’s hurry up and wait for them to settle the claim.

Can we clean our own storage units?

Yes, you can.

Are the A/c units working in the storage rooms?

Some rooms do have problems with the A/C but more importantly, the doors are not

working properly.

Can you post a list of projects so people can see what to volunteer for?

Yes, we can. Will try to post something soon.

Update on the carport? Priority?

A committee is working on the car ports and WJ Johnson will be asked to provide us with a design proposal. This is a low priority item currently, but we are working on it.

How is security watching the gate? Why are they patrolling the parking lot?

Since ARS has left, we have hired a security firm to patrol OH from 6 pm to 6 am with two officers. Their instructions are to let anyone in before 10 pm and closely monitor all who come in after 10. They are there mostly as a deterrent. One guard is stationed in the driveway and the other is in another vehicle roaming in the parking lot. Once we can secure the buildings, we plan to discontinue this service.

Does Sarah have time to clean hallways?

Sarah will be switching over to her cleaning duties this week. Note, we are losing Jim to medical leave when he has his knee replaced in April.

Can security check parking passes on windows?

They could check parking passes if we wanted but for now will follow the plan

described above.

Is there an update on future security and Envera?

W J Johnson has been hired to work with Envera to develop a temporary plan to secure the front entrance. The plan is to reinstall the Envera system with two lanes for entry and one lane departure.

Can we push gates out to utilize the acreage that we have?

No. Code will require us to move the gate closer to the building. W J Johnson is working on a temporary and permanent solution.

Are we going to have an owner’s lane at the entrance?

Yes, see above.

Are fire alarms almost done?

Yes. There will be a week or two more installing the speakers in the B building and then we will go into the testing stage.

Is ARS going to be responsible for items stolen?

OH owes ARS a lot of money and we will make sure all the claims are properly addressed before a final payment is made. Andrea and I will be meeting with ARS on Wednesday and the missing items will be on the agenda.

Do I need to get a new car tag (Envera) if I loss my car?

Yes, but we are a long way off before the system will be operational. We’ll keep you informed as we get closer to using the security system.

When will the security fence be completed?

Final fencing pieces were installed on Tuesday.

Ed Boernan, OH Board President

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Have we (WJ Johnson) considered using an elevated deck over the main retention pond for relocating our sports courts? Maybe not ideal but it could free up needed space near the pool for future additions to the pool, pool house, and/or pool deck?

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