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Ocean Harbor Yacht Club is a membership based, non-profit corporation which provides boat dockage to members.  You must own a condominium at Ocean Harbor to become a member of the Yacht Club.

There are three docks in our marina which are configured for different size boats.  


Farthest north, is the A Dock which consists of 14 slips accommodating boats up to approximately 30 ft in length. The fishing pier is also located at the end of this dock.  


There are 12 slips on the B dock which can accommodate boats up to about 40 ft and the C dock has 8 slips accommodating boats up to 53 ft.  


All docks and slips are governed by a submerged land lease with the Florida Department of Environmental Protection.


Only boats drawing less than 4.5 ft of water can be permitted in the slips.

Boat slips are bought and sold between individuals via a Bill of Sale and a Consent to Transfer form.  Copies of both are kept with Yacht Club records.   Fees and taxes on the transfer are required to be paid by the seller and are approximately 6.4% of the sale price.  If the seller is a Florida resident, fees and taxes are waived.

In addition to maintaining a boat in good working order, owners are responsible for maintaining their slip components which may consist of; boat lift pilings, boat lift mechanism, controls, electrical wiring, circuit breakers in the power pedestals, any additional water piping from the main dock to the boat slip, possibly a boat slip canopy, dock box and one half of the finger dock serving the slip.


The Yacht club meets annually and collects dues to pay for maintenance, utilities, property taxes and upgrades to common elements to the marina.

All residents of Ocean Harbor including owners, renters and their guests, are welcome to use the boardwalk along the sea wall and the A dock including the fishing pier.  


Dock B and C are considered “private” and available only to Yacht Club Members and their guests.       

If you have any interest in owning a slip or have any questions, please contact:

Joe Hallberg, President OHYC

651 270-0802



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