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Update | 3.24.23

Updated: Mar 28

We are making progress every day. A crew of volunteers cleaned up a huge pile of logs up front and placed then on the street where they will be pickup for free. I like Free. Another crew will work tomorrow to clean up debris in the pool area. Thanks everyone.

Landscaper has been authorized to stabilize the electrical transformers with a load of stone around the base.

ARS is almost completely gone. Still a few items left in our parking lot.

The state has been removing cars and other debris from the back bay. Last count 6 cars have been removed so far. It was also discovered at a very low tide this week that there still is another car in our C dock area.

Michael Banks has agreed to take the lead on our lobby door repairs. As soon as we can get those doors to lock, we can cancel our night security guards which are costing us $1200 per night.

Jim and crew have placed more temporary lighting in the drive. It’s still dark in a few bay side locations that we are working on.

Great social event last Wednesday. Hopefully a few more can be arranged before we all start to head back North. Watch for announcements in the lobby.

Brenna is now working in the office full time. She is adjusting to living in a FEMA trailer but is thankful to have a roof over her head.

Our attorney reports on the claim process: “I just got a link to documents from MMA yesterday. We are in process of determining what was produced. Also have calls set up with the Flood and Wind field adjusters. I understand from my discussion with the desk adjuster on the wind that reports were in progress but had not yet been received. I will confirm in my discussion with the field adjuster.”

It was reported in the legal press the MMA (our old firm for processing the claim) was with a class action suit alleging unlawful solicitation of hurricane damage claims. Interesting but this has nothing to do with Ocean Harbor.

A letter of engagement was signed and delivered to W J Johnson on Monday to start our design process.

Ed Boerman OH Condo Assoc. President

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